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Technician Profile - Scott

Technician Profile: Scott

Scott joined the T&Z Team in early 2014 bringing with him over 35 years of construction experience. Before moving to Texas in 2014, Scott spent his life in various states in the South West and in South Dakota.

Scott’s work experience includes Asbestos abatement, pipe insulation and working on the construction of various military bases across the country.

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Technician Profile - Vincent

Technician Profile: Vincent

Tim, a U.S. Navy Veteran, joined the T&Z All Services Family 2 years ago after working in Hotel construction in Las Vegas. Before that Tim lived in South Africa upgrading the American Consulate and taught local construction in Pakistan. Tim is a trade perfectionist with a broad range of construction and maintenance talents.

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Technician Profile - Frank

Technician Profile: Frank

Frank, a Houston Native, may be 6’4” tall but don’t let his physical build deceive you, he is a Teddy Bear on the inside. He has been with the T&Z Family for over 2 years. Frank is very professional and extremely courteous, one of the customer favorites. Frank has over 15 years in the maintenance industry after starting off as a lumberjack. Frank is very professional and extremely courteous, one of the customers’ favorite technicians.

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